Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Marga Faulstich Program

The Marga Faulstich Program motivates and empowers female scientists and students at Humboldt University Berlin to develop their business ideas and work them out to market maturity.

What can participants expect?

  •     Mentoring
  •     Workshops
  •     Consulting
  •     Networking


Who are the partners?

With Humboldt-Innovation GmbH, a subsidiary of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the office has a strong cooperation partner in the field of start-up consulting.


Why does the Marga Faulstich Program exist?

Women leave universities today with excellent degrees and a high level of innovation. Yet it is not reflected in current startup foundings (cf. Female Founders Monitor): 71.9% of companies are founded by all-male teams, 20.1% by mixed teams and only 8.0% by all-female teams. The potential of women can thus not be sustainably secured for the economy and is lost. The office of the central women's representative at Humboldt University Berlin wants therefore to motivate and empower women to start a business.

Do you have an innovative business idea? Apply for the Marga Faulstich Program!


Are you a female entrepreneur interested in mentoring partnership? Become a mentor in the Marga Faulstich Program!