Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Organisation Development

At HU, the establishment of gender equality is conceived as a cross-sectional task and organisation development and steering are organised accordingly.

In order to meet this goal, it is necessary to systematically integrate questions and considerations of gender equality into internal organisational structures of Humboldt-Universität. Legal frameworks that foster this equality – e.g. the Berlin Higher Education Law or the Equal Opportunties Act of the Federal State of Berlin – are helpful, but need to be complemented with external and internal management tools tailored for higher education institutions

Such external instruments are for example the agreements between the Federal State of Berlin and its higher education institutions (Berliner Hochschulverträge) and the DFG’s Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality.

The toolbox of internal instruments contains an incentive system for the promotion of women, the research-oriented GeCo-GenderConsulting as well as the concepts for gender equality in the departments.