Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative


The Central Women’s Representative acts as a consultant in cases of discrimination and the suffering of disadvantages. She also advises members of the university in questions of career development. In addition, she supports research projects that aim at implementing gender justice in research and teaching.



  • The Central Women’s Representative is available for individual advice and councelling.

Family, Study
and Work Life

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  • The Family Support Centre supports and advises you in all related questions.

GeCo - GenderConsulting


  • Equal opportunities and family-friendly conditions for the promotion of early career researchers


Sexualised Discrimination and Violence


  • Please contact the Central Women’s Representative immediately!

Mobbing & Stalking


  • The Central Women’s Representative helps you with advice and stands up for you.

Counselling for Doctoral Students with Children

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  • Family-friendly conditions and gender justice for the promotion of early career researchers


Additional offers