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Caroline von Humboldt Scholarship Program

Within the Caroline von Humboldt+ program you have the opportunity to apply for a fellowship. The fellowship period for all fellowships is between six and nine months in each case and is determined according to individual needs.


Completion Scholarship -currently no call for applications


You can apply for a completion scholarship in the last phase of your doctorate. Applications can be made to the Equal Opportunities Fund or in the context of the Excellence Initiative.

International Research Award (InRA) -currently no call for applications


The International Research Award allows you to spend six to nine months abroad in order to expand your academic network and test your skills at a distinguished university abroad.

The duration of the scholarships is set individually for every case and lies between six and twelve months.


Elke Fitzner
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Increasing the proportion of women in academia. -
One goal of the gender equality strategy of the Caroline von Humboldt Programme

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