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FAQ: Completion, Re-entry and Bridging Scholarships

Who can apply?

Completion Scholarship:

Excellent female doctoral candidates in the final phase of their doctorate can apply for this scholarship if they have suffered from disadvantages caused by a change of social conditions, parenthood, care work or class-based issues and their scholarship or university employment contracts expired.

Re-entry and Bridging Scholarships:

Excellent female doctoral candidates can apply for these scholarships if they had to interrupt their theses because of parental leave or care work and did not receive any bridging support or prolongation.

What is the scholarship value?

These scholarships amount to 1,365 € per month plus 400 € children supplement (“Kinderzuschlag“).

Completion Scholarship:

The completion scholarship is awarded for a maximum period of nine month. If you finish your thesis within this period, you have the opportunity to apply for an additional scholarship covering the time your study regulations (“Promotionsordnung”) set until your defence or rigorosum.

Re-entry and Bridging Scholarships:

The re-entry and bridging scholarships are set flexibly; they can run for a period of twelve month max.

Which documents need to be included in the application?

  1. a cover letter stating your motivation and possibly also information about your personal situation, family situation and/or social engagement
  2. the completed application form
  3. reports
  4. a signed supervision contract according to the guidelines of promotion at HU (Leitlinien der Promotionskultur der HU) is highly recommended
  5. a description of your project (max. 16,000 characters)
  6. an academic CV
  7. a project plan with milestones and dates including the current status of your PhD project
  8. For the re-entry scholarship you need to state why you had to interrupt the work on your thesis. If possible, please include proof of the stated reasons.
  9. Please include a document that proves that your previous funding runs out (“Negativbescheid”).

Your supervisor needs to provide a report (“Gutachten”) and send it separately to the address mentioned below.

In case you want to apply for a prolongation of the completion scholarship you need to provide us with the confirmation that your thesis was handed in within the expected period of time (see above). In addition, you need to include an informal letter of application.

Where do I need to hand in my application documents?

The application documents need to be handed in electronically. The documents need to be saved in one PDF document. The subject line needs to say:

Completion Scholarship [Summer/Winter Semester, Year]


Re-entry / Bridging Scholarship [Summer/Winter Semester, Year]



The PDF needs to be sent to the office of the Commission for the Promotion of Women (“Geschäftsstelle der Kommission für Frauenförderung” (KFF)):

Please address the cover letter to:

Geschäftsstelle der KFF
Büro der zentralen Frauenbeauftragten
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

We will confirm the reception of your application documents.