Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Humboldt-Universität’s Equal Opportunities Fund

Means from the university’s Equal Opportunties Fund can be applied for in accordance with the allocation guidelines. The fund aims at

1. overcoming structural obstacles in the establishment of equal opportunities

2. increasing the quota of women in leading positions

3. embedding Women’s and Gender Studies even further

4. increasing the quote of women among junior researchers.


There is a maximum of are two calls for proposals every year for the Equal Opportunities Fund. You can access the respective calls via the section “Promotion” on this website.


Please use the following documents for your application:

  • Application form for scholarships
  • Application form for postdocs [in German]
  • Application form for staffing measures [in German]


An equal opportunities concept (not older than 2 years) of your faculty or department is a condition for a successful application for staffing measures. There is a guideline for the creation of such an equal opportunities concept:


In case you have any other questions, please contact the administrative office of the university’s Committee for the Promotion of Women (Kommission für Frauenförderung (KFF)).



Zentrale Frauenbeauftragte
c/o Elke Fitzner
Tel.: +49 30 2093-12830


Further information:

  • FAQs - FAQs about the Equal Opportunities Fund (application, allocation, etc.)