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Women’s Representatives in the Departments

The Central Women’s Representative is not alone in her pursuit of equal opportunities at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She can rely on an extensive network of Women's Representatives in the university's departments and faculties. Regular plenum meetings offer space for collaboration and exchange. In addition, an interactive platform allows for networking activities.

We offer all-day workshops for newly elected and experienced Women's Representatives on a regular basis. As part of the workshop, expert speakers discuss current issues and inform about the legal foundations of working as a Women's Representative.

If you are interested in the position of the Women's Representative for your department or faculty, please don't hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to inform and advise you.


List of the Women’s Representatives in the Departments and Faculties
Information & Offerings
  • Further training opportunities for decentralized women's representatives: Inhouse-Training

  • Implementation of the application for leave of absence or reimbursement of expenses and calculation of the standard period of study for decentralized women's representatives and their
  • "Amtl. Mitteilungsblatt Nr. 53/2016" (Regulations governing the release from work, compensation for expenses and calculation of the standard period of study for decentralized women's representatives and their deputies).

  • Moodle: internal platform

  • A guide for the preparation of a gender equality concept and a template for numerical analysis


Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Women's Representative for the Faculty:

• Milena Bauer
Tel.: 2093-81128
• Nadine Weber (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-81132

Department of Chemistry
• Andrea Knoll
Tel.: 2093-7547

Department of Physics
• Stephanie Wagner
Tel.: 2093-82008
• Ferdoua Rothländer (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-82150


Department of Mathematics
• Andrea Walther
Tel.: 2093-45333
• Katie Blaudzun (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-45430

Department of Computer Science
• Silvia Schoch
Tel.: 2093-3111
• Rahel Engel (sub.)


Department of Geography
• Franziska Fröhlich
Tel.: 2093-6888
• Kathrin Trommler
Tel.: 2093-9341

Faculty of Life Sciences
Women's Representative for the Faculty:

• Katherine Fernández                                                            
Tel.: 2093-98302 

Please use the following e-mail address to contact all Women's Representatives of the faculty:

Department of Biology
• Angelina Atmadjova
Tel.: 2093-49642
• Karla Karina Reano Arevalo (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-49770

Albrecht-Daniel-Thaer-Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences

• Sarah Hackfort
Tel.: 2093-46300

Department of Psychology
• Andra Biesok
Tel.: 2093-9439                                 

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• Birgit Aschmann
Tel.: 2093-70581
• Victoria Hegner

Department of History
• Natalie Stasiewicz
Tel.: 2093-70582

Department of Philosophy
• Mirjam Müller
Tel.: 2093-2526
• Abibi Stewart (sub.)

Department of European Ethnology & Department of Library and Information Science
• Victoria Hegner
Tel.: 2093-70866
• Kerstin Schlebbe
Tel.: 2093-70969


Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities
Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• PD Anna Helene Feulner
Tel.: 2093-9779
• Cassandra Freiberg (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-9641

Department of German Literature & Department of German Studies and Linguistics
• Sophia Döring
Tel.: 2093-9755
• Malina van Appeldorn-Leist (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-9663

Department of Romance Literatures and Linguistics & Department of Slavic and Hungarian Studies
• Barbora Schnelle
Tel.: 2093-73320
• Martina Bengert (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-73568

Department of English and American Studies, Department of Northern European Studies & Department of Classical Philology
• Friederike Richter
Tel.: 2093-4942
• Krstina Milijkovic (sub.)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• Jeanette Windheuser
Tel.: 2093-66254

Department of Education Studies
• Cosima Fanselow
Tel.: 2093-66960 or -66940

Department of Cultural History and Theory, Department of Musicology and Media Studies & Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies

• Jacqueline Franke
Tel.: 2093-66180
• Ellen Rinner (sub.)

Department of Social Sciences
• Jennifer Häseling-Mayer
Tel.: 2093-89731
• Gabi Sonnenberg (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-66520

Department of Art and Visual History & Department of Archaeology
• Kathrin Heidenreich
Tel.: 2093-66200

• Nora Shalaby (sub.)

Department of Asian and African Studies
• Josephine Karge
Tel.: 2093-66089
• Keerati Sahib (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-66050

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences & Department of Sports Sciences
• Ulrike Fickler-Stang
Tel.: 2093-66740
• Katrin Albert (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-46101

Institute for Educational Quality Improvement
• Pauline Kohrt
Tel.: 2093-46509
• Camilla Rjosk (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-46582

Faculty of Theology
Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• Jasmin Mausolf
Tel.: 2093-91709
Faculty of Law
Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• Kerstin Schuster
Tel.: 2093-3757
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• Hanna Reißenweber

Tel.: 2093- 99506

Central Institutes

Centre for British Studies
• Linara Bagautdinova
Tel.: 2093-99050
• Corinna Radke (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-99050

Professional School of Education

• Nana Laux
Tel.: 2093-70819                                                         

Berlin Institute for Islamic Theology
• Mona Feise-Nasr                                                                    

Institute for Catholic Theology

• Teresa Schweighofer (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-99082                                                                       
• Carolin Hohmann (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-99087


Helmholtz Centre for Cultural Technology

• Sarah Elena Link
Tel.: 2093-12878   


Central Units
University Library
• Astrid Mattieson
Tel.: 2093-99206

Language Centre
• Mariana Alvarez
Tel.: 2093-12362

• Dagmar Frohning (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-12223

Computer and Media Service
• Barbara Fabel
Tel.: 2093-70146

University Administration
• Christine Druse
Tel.: 2093-99918
• Daniela Rings (sub.)
Tel.: 2093-70763

Humboldt Graduate School
• Olga Miller
Tel.: 2093-89700


Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Central Women's Representative
• Christine Kurmeyer
Tel.: 450 577-251
• Sabine Barleben (SV)
Tel.: 450 577-257

Women's Representative - Campus Benjamin Franklin
• PD med. Ahi Sema Issever
Tel.: 450 577-253

Women's Representative - Campus Charité Mitte
• Sabine C. Jenner
Tel.: 450 577-255


Here is the current list of all decentralized women's representatives and their subsitutes (as of September 2023).

Further information and tips from the women's representatives on decentralized activities and events can be found on the corresponding websites of the faculties and institutions.