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Funding for Additional Personnel

Female professors can apply to the Equal Opportunities Fund for means for research assistant positions and contracts (“Werkvertrag”).
Reseach Assistants (WiMi-Stellen)

On a regular basis, positions for research assistants for recently appointed female professors are advertised by the Equal Opportunities Fund. In this way, you will receive intensive support for the application for external funding.

Should you be interested in these positions, please contact your faculty or institute via whom the application can be sent to the Commission for the Promotion of Women (“Kommission für Frauenförderung der HU” (KFF)) .

Contracts for Women (Werkverträge”)

Within the context of the Equal Opportunities Fund, contracts for women are financed on a regular basis.

Should you be interested in this measure, please send your application directly to the Commission for the Promotion of Women (“Kommission für Frauenförderung” (KFF)).



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Further information

  • FAQ: Equal Opportunities Fund (“Gleichstellungsfonds”)