Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Female Doctoral Candidates

Humboldt University offers you a variety of measures and programmes to support you while writing a doctoral thesis, financially and beyond.


You can apply for a scholarship within the Caroline von Humboldt Programme.

Further Training

You can participate in the many empowering programmes offered by Humboldt Graduate School, the Training and Professional Development Programme (“Berufliche Weiterbildung“) at HU, and FiNCA.


Teaching Appointments

We offer university teaching jobs (“Lehrauftrag“), specifically for female doctoral students. These posts are co-funded by the Berlin Equal Opportunities Programme for Female Researchers and Higher Education Teachers (“Berliner Chancengleichheitsprogramm” (BCP)).

Family and PhD

The Family Support Centre is your central source of information at Humboldt University for questions related to the balance of family live and writing a doctoral thesis.


Counselling for (Doctoral) Students with Children

Humboldt Graduate School offers advice for female doctoral students on topics such as academic careers and family planning.


Further offers at HU