Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Female Pupils

Humboldt-Universität offers female pupils a variety of activities, in particular in the field of natural sciences. You can seize the opportunity to explore the so-called MINT subjects (Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technology) at the university.


FiNCA Club

Did you always want to know how technology works? The FiNCA Club offers you the opportunity to participate in practice-oriented courses such as a class on the building of robots, photography courses or a soldering class.


Club Lise

You think physics is exciting and you wonder whether that’s enough to start studying it? Club Lise’s mentoring supports female pupils interested in natural sciences and offers guidance and orientation.


Girls' Day

Every year, the Girls' Day creates the opportunity to discover technology and natural sciences for female pupils in fifth grade and above.