Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Club Lise

You think physics is exciting and you wonder whether that’s enough to start studying it? Club Lise’s mentoring supports female pupils interested in natural sciences and offers guidance and orientation.

If you are a female pupil in grade 10 or above, in particular if you and/or your family have migrated to Germany, you can participate in the free mentoring programme offered by Club Lise. Our female mentors will introduce you to the working environment of natural scientists or engineers by taking you to field trips to laboratories, research institutions and companies. Club Lise offers you many opportunities to become engaged – from events such as the annual Girls’ Day or the Long Night of the Sciences (“Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften) to projects in the context of the fifth module of your A-level exams (“5. Prüfungskomponente“).



Susanne Spintig