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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme helps tenured female professors in expanding and further developing their leadership skills. The programme provides female professors with the opportunity to develop and expand their leadership skills and become part of an interdisciplinary network.

Each programme cycle completes a full year of training and qualifications that starts in January and ends in December of each year. The next Leadership programme cycle will start in January 2020.

The programme consists of three components:

  • 6 workshops regarding academic leadership
  • Leadership style analysis and one-to-one coaching
  • 4 Networking Events

The programme is open to all female scientists of Humboldt-University currently holding a position of responsibility within their work context ( e.g. tenured female professors in W2/C3 and W3/C4 positions, except for S-professorships) and who wish to expand and develop their individual leadership expertise.



Dr. Anne Freese
Tel.: 2093-12836


Empowerment - One goal of the gender equality strategy of the Caroline von Humboldt Programme