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Further information for mentors

Would you like to share your competencies with other women who also come from non-academic backgrounds? Would you like to develop your social skills and become involved in a socio-political project? If so, then you’re in the right place at firstgen.

firstgen offers you

As a participating mentor, you will receive a solid introduction to the methods of mentoring. You will learn how to establish trust, how to give advice, how to communicate successfully, and how to give constructive feedback.

In addition to the training, your very own career will be at the centre of an innovation workshop. This will allow you to reflect your own wishes and translate them into clear aims. The workshop will help you explore how to design your own career and open doors to success. Furthermore, in the context of your own academic career, we offer you the opportunity to reflect upon the method and systematic foundation of your academic work.

You can apply, test and reflect upon the acquired theoretic knowledge during individual mentoring sessions with university starters. Your social commitment will be looked upon favourably when applying for a scholarship as well as on the job market.

You can share experience and network with the other mentors. An online networking platform is at your disposal. You can hook up with business women and female academics, who started their careers as first generation student as well, in our “Exchange Café”.

If you consistently participate in the programme as a mentor, you receive three ECTS points in the field of “Berufsfeldbezogene Zusatzqualifikation (BZQ)” as well as a certificate issued by the Career Center.