Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

GeCo - GenderConsulting for research alliances


Signet Geco NEU


Humboldt-Universität has set as goals to promote equal opportunities for female and male researchers, to establish family-friendly working conditions for academics, and to further the inclusion of gender aspects in research projects.

GeCo-Gender Consulting is a service provided by the Central Women’s Representative. GeCo aims at achieving the aforementioned goals by creating equal opportunity measures together with key players in prospective or already funded research alliances in order to promote early-stage researchers and create family-friendly working conditions.

GeCo service is an integral part of the university-wide equal opportunities strategy, the Caroline von Humboldt-Programme.

You can find out more about the GeCo-GenderConsulting service on the following pages.




Gender equality is a cross-sectional task for a fair university. One of the aims within the Caroline von Humboldt equal opportunities strategy: Organisation development.