Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Sexualised Discrimination and Violence

Please contact the Central Women’s Representative if you have suffered from sexualised discrimination and violence at the university. HU externals can seek help from other counseling centers (see below).

What is Sexualised Discrimination and Violence?

Sexualised discrimination and violence is a violation of the personal rights of a person and an affront to their dignity. The expression describes a behaviour directed against the physical and psychological integrity of a person. This form of violence is less related to sexuality as such but linked to the offender’s desire to exert power and control over others.

Sexualised discrimination and violence remains a taboo subject. It is primarily directed at young women. The range of sexualised discrimination and violence is huge and covers offenses such as, for example, the confrontation with degrading and sexualised depictions, unwanted physical contact and rape.


We help you

We would like to encourage you to stand up and fight against every form of sexualised discrimination and violence!

If you have suffered from such an offense or know a third person who was affected, please contact us or the Women’s Representative in your faculty or institute. Your information will be handled confidentially and even anonymously, should you wish for it. In urgent cases outside of our office hours, please contact the police and / or the security officers at HU. In addition, you can also contact an external helpline or centre.


In cases of sexualised discrimination and violence, we, as Women’s Representatives, act in defence of the affected.


HU Guideline and Agreement

HU protects all members and guest of the university with its guideline and agreement about interpersonal relations (“Richtlinie und Dienstvereinbarung für ein respektvolles Miteinander”). It sees to preventive action, the rights of the affected as well as measures and procedures in cases of conflict.