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FAQ: International Research Award

Who can apply?

Excellent female doctoral candidates, who want to conduct a research stay in the context of their PhD thesis with a university abroad that is particularly distinguished in the respective field, can apply for this scholarship. Female postdocs and junior professors may also apply.

What is the scholarship value?

The International Research Award provides you with 1,750€ per month for a period of six up to a maximum of nine months. You can also claim travel expenses and childcare.

Which documents need to be included in the application?

The applications for the International Research Award need to be handed in to the office of the Commission for the Promotion of Women (“Geschäftsstelle der Kommission für Frauenförderung” (KFF)). The commission decides who receives the InRA. The application needs to contain:

  1. a cover letter stating your motivation and possibly also information about your personal situation, family situation and/or social engagement
  2. the completed application form (PDF): German / English (There is currently no call for applications.)
  3. a description of your concept stating why the stay abroad is necessary for your thesis (max. 3,000 characters)
  4. reports and an academic CV
  5. a letter of recommendation by your supervisor(s): form for PhD candidates, form for postdocs/ junior professors. [forms in German]
  6. a statement by the host institution abroad
  7. a signed supervision contract according to the guidelines of promotion at HU (Leitlinien der Promotionskultur der HU) is highly recommended

The thesis topics are not limited to certain areas. The KFF bases the decision on the description of your project and the letter of recommendation.

Where do I have to hand in my application documents?

The application documents need to be handed in electronically. The documents need to be saved in one PDF document and labelled with reference to InRA SoSe [year]. They need to be sent to the office of the Commission for the Promotion of Women (“Geschäftsstelle der Kommission für Frauenförderung” (KFF)):

Please address the cover letter to:

Geschäftsstelle der KFF
Büro der zentralen Frauenbeauftragten
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

We will confirm the reception of your application documents.