Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Further Training

You can participate in the many empowering programmes offered by Humboldt Graduate School, the Professional Development Programme (“Berufliche Weiterbildung”) at HU and FiNCA.


FiNCA has established the Graduate Program Adlershof (GPA) for women in the natural sciences at the Adlershof Campus, in particular for those writing their thesis outside of structured doctoral programmes. The participants can develop their skills in fields such as presentations, career planning and networking. They can also professionalise through mentoring and coaching. The one-year programme for basics and development will prepare you very well for the postdoc phase.

Humboldt Graduate School

The Humboldt Graduate School (HGS) organises events and workshops to acquire key skills – in particular for doctoral students in structured programmes that are part of the HGS. The workshops include, for example, “Academic Poster Presentation”, “Personality-Based Communication” or “Self-marketing for Academics”. Some events and courses are also open to those writing their thesis outside of structured programmes.


Professional Development Programme

HU’s Professional Development Programme (“Berufliche Weiterbildung“) offers a wide range of courses for further qualification in the fields of communication, project management and career planning, in particular for you as doctoral students.



Empowerment - one goal of the gender equality strategy of the Caroline von Humboldt Programme

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