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What alumni say about the Marga Faulstich Program

Juliane Stiller:

"My colleague Violeta Trkulja and I participated in the first run of the Marga Faulstich Program in 2018/2019. At the time, we were research assistants at the Institute of Library and Information Science. Our business idea, a continuing education platform, sharpened and became more concrete through the Marga Faulstich Program. It grew more and more into the desire to implement our vision of increasing digital competencies in society in our own company. In the meantime, we have founded a GbR You, We & Digital, where we offer services in the field of digitalization for companies, scientific institutions and non-profit organizations. In addition, we initiated the association Grenzenlos Digital e.V., which works to increase digital competencies in society. We research, promote and teach digital skills so that all sections of the population can act autonomously, responsibly and in a self-determined manner in the information society."


"Through the Marga Faulstich program, we learned how important it is to have a strong network that can show you new opportunities and open doors.

The program has helped us to understand the value and potential of our idea and to communicate it to others. It showed us ways to finance our idea and gave us the decisive push to jump in the deep end and start up.

We especially liked that we were part of a supportive and appreciative group of female founders, that we had access to great mentors from the business community who met with us regularly, and that we were able to expand and strengthen our ideas and founders' personalities in many workshops."