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Toolbox on the subject of "Equal Opportunities and Intersectionality"

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As part of the project "Chancengleichheit Intersektional", a toolbox on the topics of (anti-)discrimination and diversity, equality, equal opportunities and intersectionality is to be set up. The aim of the toolbox is to educate, train and raise awareness of interested people at the School of Business and Economics at Humboldt University in Berlin and beyond.

The toolbox is intended to serve as a contact point for people who need basic information, theories and concepts and want to deal with the above-mentioned topics further, as well as a collection point for advice and support offers in the event of incidents of discrimination or sexualised violence.

In addition, the information collected and being made available through the toolbox ensures that existing discriminatory (power) structures and language at the School of Business and Economics will be dismantled in the long term.

You can find a detailed introduction to the self-study tool on the website "Introduction to the Toolbox". The collection of links can be found on the page "Weblinks Collection".

Support and counselling offers by the Humboldt University of Berlin and other external support organisations and counselling providers can be found on the page "Support and Counselling Offers".


Support and Counselling Offers

Internal Support and Counselling Offers
External Support and Counselling Offers