Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Unveiling of the Statue

On 10 July 2014, during a ceremonial act, the Lise Meitner Memorial was unveiled in the university’s “court d’honneur”.

After the opening remarks of the President of the university, Jan-Hendrik Olbertz, Federal Minister Johanna Wanka and the director of the Foundation “Topography of Terror”, Andreas Nachama, addressed the public.


Plinth and pedestal made of concrete, figure made of bronze.

By Anna Franziska Schwarzbach, 2014.
Photo: Susanne Cholodnicki | HU Berlin

"The Lise Meitner Memorial honours" - as the HU’s President expressed - "an outstanding academic personality. She now stands together with those scientists who represent the excellence of Humboldt-Universität in our “court d’honneur”: the Humboldt brothers, the chemist Helmholtz, the historian Mommsen and the physicist Planck, her mentor. Lise Meitners career was suddenly interrupted by the national socialist anti-Semitism – and the memorial should also commemorate this. Lise Meitner, like many other Jewish citizen, had to leave Germany. She never received the academic honours she deserves for her explorative work about nuclear fission.”

A dialogue between the historian Gabriele Metzler and the physicist Oliver Benson offered an interesting and entertaining insight into the life and works of Lise Meitner. The university’s chamber choir provided a musical frame to the event. An entertaining programme following the official act invited many visitors to stay and explore the monument.