Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Lise Meitner Memorial

Humboldt-Universität honours an outstanding female scientist with the Lise Meitner Memorial. It credits Lise Meitner as first female professor at the university and commemorates the persecution of Jewish academics.

Who was Lise Meitner?

Lise Meitner is one of the most important natural scientists of the 20th century.

History of the Memorial

It took seven years from the idea to the unveiling of the Lise Meitner Memorial. It was initiated by HU’s curator and supported by the Central Women’s Representative as well as the President of the university. The memorial was unveiled in 2014.

Unveiling of the Statue

On 10 July 2014, during a ceremonial act, the Lise Meitner Memorial was unveiled in the university’s “court d’honneur”.