Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

FAQ: Equal Opportunities Fund

General Information

Where can I find more detailed information?

The “Amtliches Mitteilungsblatt der HU Berlin Nr. 07/2010” and the allocation guidelines (“Vergaberichtlinie”) published there form the basis for all decisions. It is currently under revision.

Are there application deadlines?

Yes, there are application deadlines. In the case of applications for funding out of the Equal Opportunities Fund, applications for the following summer semester need to be handed in by mid-November and for the following winter semester by mid-May.

When can I expect the next call for applications?

The calls for application are usually published twice a year, once in mid-April and once in mid-October.

How long will it take for the decisions to be published?

The decision-making time usually takes three months after the deadline.

Who can apply for which scheme?
  • Faculties and institutes as well as female professors who were appointed in the year of the call can apply for a 50% or 25% research assistant post (“wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter_in”)

  • Faculties, institutes, female professors as well as early career researchers can apply for contracts (“Werkverträge”), laboratory staff (lab technicians or technical assistants) or student assistants

  • Faculties, institutes, female professors as well as early career researchers can apply for the creation of a research assistant post (“wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter_in”) – also possible: guest professorship – in order to integrate gender aspects to the curriculum

  • Doctoral candidates and postdocs working on their “Habilitation” can apply for a completion scholarship (six months max.)

  • Groups of female students can apply for projects in the field of gender research

Can the application documents be filled out in English or other foreign languages?

In general, the application should be written in German; an application in English is also possible.

To whom should I address the application?

The application needs to be addressed to the President, but the documents need to be sent to the Central Women’s Representative who will forward the application.

Please use the following address on the application documents:

Geschäftsstelle der KFF
Zentrale Frauenbeauftragte
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

How do I need to deliver the application?

The application documents need to be handed in electronically. The documents need to be saved in one PDF document.

Please use the appropriate application form.


Application for measures involving personnel

Which departments can apply?

There are no restrictions. All departments (“Fachbereiche”) can apply.

For which applications do I need a statement by the Dean or Institute Director as well as the Women’s Representative in the department?

For all applications with the exception of those for the completion scholarships.

What do the statements by Dean or Institute Director need to contain?

The statement needs to include explanation of the institutions equal opportunities concept (“Gleichstellungskonzept”). In case your institution has formulated target agreements (“Zielvereinbarungen”), it will be sufficient to explain the relation between the measure you apply for and the target agreements. Should your institution not have target agreements, yet, please state provide some key figures (analysis of the status quo), the intended goal as well as first implemented measures (three pages max.)

What is the procedure if an institute or faculty hands in more than one application of a kind?

We highly recommend a prioritisation by the institute or faculty.

Do you provide application forms?

Yes, there is an application form and its use is mandatory. The application form will be published at the same time as the call for applications.

Which documents need to be included in the application?
  • Description of the measure you would like us to fund (approx. 2-3 pages)
  • Duration of the measure
  • In case you have already identified a suitable candidate, please include information about this person (CV, list of publications, teaching experience, etc.)
  • Equal Opportunities Concept (“Gleichstellungskonzept”)
  • Statement by the Women’s Representative of your institution as well as the Dean’s or Institute Director’s statement


Application for a PhD or “Habilitation” scholarship

Is there an application form I can use?

Yes, there is an application form and it is mandatory to use it. The application form will be published at the same time as the call for applications.

Which documents do I need to hand in?
  • Summary of your project (1/2 page)
  • Short description of your research project (3 pages max.)
  • Time plan for the work that remains to be done
  • CV
  • List of publications
  • Statement by your supervisor

What do the statements by the supervisors for completion scholarships need to contain?

The statement should reflect that the supervisor is convinced that the thesis in question has already progressed substantially, that the remaining time will be sufficient for the completion of the thesis, and that the schedule is realistic. Statements about the quality of the already completed research are recommendable.

What is the time frame and the maximum amount of money of the scholarship?

Scholarships for PhDs and “Habilitations” are granted for six moths. The scholarship ends with the submission of the thesis.

PhD scholarship: 1,365 €
with one child: + 400 €
for every additional child: + 100 €


“Habilitation” scholarship: 1,500 €
with one child: + 400 €
for every additional child: + 100 €

Can I have a job while I study?

No, you may not work a part- or full-time job while you receive the scholarship.