Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Are you interested in the women*'s network?

Who is the network for?

The women*'s network is for all members of the School of Business and Economics at the Humboldt University in Berlin who self-identify as "women".


What is the network and what is its goal?

The women*'s network offers women* from the School of Business and Economics the space to exchange ideas, network and support one another. A speaker is invited to each network meeting to provide input. Afterwards there will be the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas on the topic discussed, as well as and other topics, and thus make valuable new contacts and empower each other. 

The long-term goals of the network for women* at the School of Business and Economics are

1. to motivate more women* to pursue an academic career within economics

2. to offer a space where women* can exchange ideas and support one another.

Through the development of an internal faculty network, women* at the School of Business and Economics are strengthened in the long term and are also trained and educated on equality and diversity topics as part of the events. This way, they can use their specialist knowledge to identify and break down discriminatory structures within the faculty and later also in their future careers.


You can find the planned dates for the events on the "Events of the Women*'s Network" page.


*The term "women*" here includes all people who self-identify as "women".