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Project Description

Detailed project description for the project "Chancengleichheit Intersektional"

Project's Objective

The aim of the project "Chancengleichheit Intersektional" ('Equal Opportunities Intersectional') is to sensitise members of the School of Business and Economics on discriminatory structures and intersectional discrimination within the faculty and economics. The sensitised people will act as ambassadors within the faculty and break down discriminatory structures in the long term.

In addition, female scientists of all career levels will be supported as part of the project and given the opportunity to network and empower each other in order to break down barriers for women* in the field of economics in particular. In the long term, this should lead to a higher proportion of female scientists at the Faculty of Economics and will encourage more female scientists at lower career levels to pursue an academic career.



The background to the project is the Humboldt University's overarching goal of increasing awareness of and gaining a better understanding of equal opportunities, structural discrimination and intersectionality. A recent online survey showed that there is still a lot to be done in the areas of diversity and anti-discrimination. The project "Chancengleichheit Intersektional" will be carried out as a pilot project at the Faculty of Economics in order to be able to implement the measures and concepts developed and to test them, before they will be implemented throughout the university in a next step.


Planned Measures and Target Groups

The planned measures are as diverse as their target groups. With the help of the implementation of various complementary measures, as many different target groups as possible within the School of Business and Economics will be addressed.

Workshops on topics such as diversity in teaching, structural discrimination and abuse of power are offered to staff and lecturers at the Faculty of Economics. The workshop contents are coordinated with the faculty and tailored to the needs of the workshop participants.

In addition, a toolbox will be set up to serve as a starting point for people who need basic information, theories and concepts related to the topics 'equal opportunities' and 'intersectionality' and want to continue to engage with the above-mentioned topics. The tool box also serves as a collection point for advice and support in incidents of discrimination or sexual violence.

Another important measure to counteract gender-specific discrimination at the School of Business and Economics is the establishment of a women*'s network. This network intends to give female* scientists the opportunity to support and empower each other.

Across the board, other members of the faculty are to be made aware of and informed about topics such as diversity, structural discrimination, intersectionality and equal opportunities through two panel discussions and a poster campaign.


*The terms "women*" and "female*" here include all people who self-identify with the term "woman".