Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - The Central Women's Representative

Women’s Representatives in the Departments

The Central Women’s Representative is not alone in her pursuit of equal opportunities at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She can rely on an extensive network of Women's Representatives in the university's departments and faculties. Regular plenum meetings offer space for collaboration and exchange. In addition, an interactive platform allows for networking activities.

We offer all-day workshops for newly elected and experienced Women's Representatives on a regular basis. As part of the workshop, expert speakers discuss current issues and inform about the legal foundations of working as a Women's Representative.

If you are interested in the position of the Women's Representative for your department or faculty, please don't hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to inform and advise you.


List of the Women’s Representatives in the Departments and Faculties


Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Women's Representative for the Faculty:

• Nadine Weber
Tel.: 2093-81132

Department of Chemistry
• Andrea Knoll
Tel.: 2093-7547
• Sabine Oschatz (SV)
Tel.: 2093-7370

Department of Physics
• Stephanie Wagner /
Tel.: 2093-7600

Department of Mathematics
• Andrea Walther
Tel.: 2093-45333
• Caren Tischendorf (SV)
Tel.: 2093-45325

Department of Computer Science
• Silvia Schoch
Tel.: 2093-3111

Department of Geography
• M.A. Kathrin Trommler
Tel.: 2093-9341
• Camille Dammann (SV)

Faculty of Life Sciences
Women's Representative for the Faculty:

• Kerstin Hasse                                                                
Tel.: 2093-98302
• Susanne Pocai (SV)
Tel.: 2093-46308

Please use the following e-mail address to contact all Women's Representatives of the faculty:

Department of Biology
• Angelina Atmadjova
Tel.: 2093-49642
• Karla Karina Reano Arevalo (SV)
Tel.: 2093-49770

Please note: mail addressed to the Women's Representative of the Department of Biology can be sent to Postfach (postbox) 45 at Rhoda-Erdmann-Haus.

Albrecht-Daniel-Thaer-Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences

• Victoria Dietze
Tel.: 2093-46326

Department of Psychology
• M. Sc. Caroline Wehner
Tel.: 2093-9441                                            
• Eva Kischkel (SV)
Tel.: 2093-4822

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• Anne Dressler
Tel.: 2093-70502

Department of History
• Nina Kremer
Tel.: 2093-70595
• Xenia von Tippelskirch (SV)

Department of Philosophy
• Abibi Stewart

Department of European Ethnology & Department of Library and Information Science
• Katrin Wagner
• Magdalena Matysiak (SV)
Tel.: 2093-70950


Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities
Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• PD Anna Helene Feulner
Tel.: 2093-9779

• Nicole Heinemann (SV)
Tel.: 2093-9605

Department of German Literature & Department of German Studies and Linguistics
• Sophia Döring
Tel.: 2093-9755
• Malina van Appeldorn-Leist (SV)
Tel.: 2093-9663

Department of Romance Literatures and Linguistics & Department of Slavic and Hungarian Studies
• Annette Baumgart-Wendt
Tel.: 2093-5202

Department of English and American Studies, Department of Northern European Studies & Department of Classical Philology
• Xelhá Sánchez Chavaria
Tel.: 2093-2488 oder 2093-70442

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• PD Annette Dorgerloh
Tel.: 2093-66254

Department of Education Studies
• Cosima Fanselow
Tel.: 2093-4092

Department of Cultural History and Theory, Department of Musicology and Media Studies & Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies

• M.A. Yumin Li
Tel.: 2093-66268

Department of Social Sciences
• Urszula Woźniak
Tel.: 2093-66609
• Gabi Sonnenberg (SV)
Tel.: 2093-66520

Department of Art and Visual History & Department of Archaeology
• Stephanie Pearson
Tel.: 2093-98118

• M.A. Kathrin Heidenreich (SV)
Tel.: 2093-66200

Department of Asian and African Studies
• Josephine Karge
Tel.: 2093-66070

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences & Department of Sports Sciences
• Manuela Wolf
Tel.: 2093-66749
• Kirsten Legerlotz (SV)
Tel.: 2093-46254

Institute for Educational Quality Improvement
• M.A. Pauline Kohrt
Tel.: 2093-46509
• Camilla Rjosk (SV)
Tel.: 2093-46582

Faculty of Theology
Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• Gerhild Pinkvoß-Müller
Tel.: 2093-91709
Faculty of Law
Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• Kerstin Schuster
Tel.: 2093-3757
• Petra Krause (SV)
Tel.: 2093-3301
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Women's Representative for the Faculty:
• Votra Berisha

Tel.: 2093- 99506

Central Institutes

Centre for British Studies
• M.A. Felicia Kompio
Tel.: 2093-99053
• M.A. Corinna Radke (SV)
Tel.: 2093-99050

Professional School of Education

• Nana Laux
Tel.: 2093-70819                                                         
• Christina Lazai (SV)
Tel.: 2093-70830

Berlin Institute for Islamic Theology

• Sara Binay                                                                                
• M.A. Mona Feise (SV)                                                                            

Institute for Catholic Theology

• Katharina Pyschny                                             

• Julia Horn (SV)                                                                                                                        

Central Units
University Library
• Franziska Berthold
Tel.: 2093-99210
• Antje Kreienbring (SV)
Tel.: 2093-99338

Language Centre
• M.A. Mariana Alvarez
Tel.: 2093-12362

• Dagmar Frohning (SV)
Tel.: 2093-12323

Computer and Media Service
• Barbara Fabel
Tel.: 2093-70146
• Katrin Cortez de Lobão (SV) 
Tel.: 2093-70032

University Administration
• Christine Druse
Tel.: 2093-99918
• Daniela Rings (SV)
Tel.: 2093-70763

Humboldt Graduate School
• Catherine Marten /
Tel.: 2093-89703
• Naghmeh Esmaeilpour (SV)


Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Central Women's Representative
• Christine Kurmeyer
Tel.: 450 577-251
• Sabine Barleben (SV)
Tel.: 450 577-257

Women's Representative - Campus Benjamin Franklin
• PD med. Ahi Sema Issever
Tel.: 450 577-253

Women's Representative - Campus Charité Mitte
• Sabine C. Jenner
Tel.: 450 577-255